Sunday, February 10, 2008

Elbow/Wrist/Wii Mote

Here is a translation of the motion of my elbow, wrist, and wii mote into line diagram. The lines in the first image are generated by defining a point of each element (elbow/wrist/wii mote) in each key frame and then connecting them.Photobucket

Here I've used a color to define the space between each element in the side and front camera views.
Here transitional lines between elbow/wrist/wii mote movement in the side and front views have been introduced. Variation in force are illustrated as well as changes in orientation.

Finally, I have used transitional lines to compare the motion of each individual action from each view. For instance, elbow movement from the side view has been compared to elbow movement from the front view. (as opposed to the previous image that compared the actions relative to a view.)Photobucket

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